Membership Information

Membership in Swim Torrance

To join Swim Torrance you need to tryout and then complete the application process.

A swimmer should be capable of swimming 25 yards without assistance in order to qualify for the team. Tryouts are available as listed in the Joining the Team section of the website under the Team Info tab.

If you are offered the opportunity to join you will be intructed to use our online registration system. Once registration is complete and you have been approved, your first dues payment will be due. The coaching staff will let you know which group you will be swimming with.

Dues and Fees

ANNUAL FEES: USA Swimming, annual registration $64 per swimmer
Please fill out the registration form and return it to your coach. Initial registration for USA Swimming requires proof of age, in the form of an original birth certificate that must be shown to a USA representative when the swimmer begins. Thereafter the annual renewal does not require proof of age. If you have questions talk to your coach or one of our board members.

Swim Torrance Swim Club fees consist of two components:

A. Annual registration fee of $200 per family due at initial sign up and annually (September) thereafter.  The annual registration fee may be prorated only when joining in Sessions 3.  In this case, the annual registration fee will be prorated to the full session in which membership is established.

B. Annual dues which are divided into three four month sessions are payable on the 1st of each payment session: September 1, January 1, and May 1.

Dues are based on a structure that is proportional to the work out requirements of each group. Dues information per group is outlined in the New Swimmer Packet available at tryout or by request.  A $25.00 late fee is assessed if payment is:

  • postmarked after the 10th of the month in which the payment is due. There are no exceptions. Your prompt payments ensure that our coaches and pool rentals are paid in a timely manner.
Please Note: Annual Dues are are divided into three four month payment sessions. Swim Torrance does not prorate dues regardless of the number of days your swimmer attends practice during the session or if a swimmer becomes inactive for a portion of the session (i.e. high school sports or other activities). However, new swimmers’ 1st session dues may only be prorated if starting in the second, third, or last month of the session. If a swimmer has not attended practice and has not paid dues for a period equal to or exceeding one full session, he/she will be considered a new member of the team and will be charged an amount equal to the registration fee which will be prorated according to the Session in which membership is reinstated.

Please make checks payable to: "Swim Torrance". The mailing address for Swim Torrance is:

Swim Torrance
21515 Hawthorne Blvd #200
Torrance, CA 90503

If the Treasurer or designee does not receive your full payment (including late fee) by the 15th of the month in which they are due, your swimmer will not be allowed to swim with the team until outstanding dues, including any late fees are paid. While it is not the intention of Swim Torrance to put any swimmer out of the water, unpaid dues influence this action.

Swim Torrance does not have a refund policy. Therefore, should a swimmer decide to leave the team before the end of a session, no refunds (annual registration or session dues) will be paid.

How to Join :

For more information about how to join, please vist the JOINING THE TEAM section of our website.